Design matters. How we build greatly impacts our homes and our communities. Smart building not only adds value in a monetary sense, but can also substantially improve our quality of life and impact the environment. Our goal at Sharp Design Studio is to make the latest designs with both your standard of living and the environment on the forefront of every design. The true value of design is to create the latest buildings, find change and to live more sustainably simultaneously.

Sharp Design Studio’s mission is to bring high quality, environmentally friendly homes and buildings nationwide. We believe in order for there to be change for the better it needs to be one community at a time. Our clients are helping us set the standard for quality of life and the environment.

The Sharp Design Studio portfolio features award-winning design. True to our firm’s mission, all projects presented in our portfolio were designed with value in mind to enhance our culture and environment through the art and practice of superior design.

Our portfolio includes a wide array of design projects completed. Choose from the links below to see images from our portfolio.

Residential Portfolio

Commercial Portfolio