2021 design trends forecasted by Sharp Design Studio

Don Sharp, CEO of Sharp Design Studio and an industry leader, was on a panel interview, Market Pulse for the Tampa Bay Builders Association Tampa Sales and Marketing Council. Don Sharp and his team discussed what they forecast for 2021 design trends.

Q: In conversations with your clients, what are their biggest design concerns now? 

A: Since the pandemic/quarantine, we have seen a shift in how we manage our lives and work. A home office with privacy is a significant need since many people work from home. The need for outdoor space has increased due to the limit of not going out much, and people are entertaining in a small close group at home more. Our clients have requested more technology within the home environment, added drop areas with plenty of extra storage space and exercise zones.

Q: What are today’s buyer’s must-haves?

A: A home office and not so much the celebrated home office but a more private place to do a zoom

Flex space home office

meeting without interruption. We see more requests for two offices or flex space to become a second office for business and online learning.

Today’s buyers are asking for an entry Drop Zone with significant storage areas. A Drop Zone is a place for backpacks, coats, shoes, boots, keys, massive water bottles, lunch bags, mail slots, memo boards, pet leashes, and charging stations for our devices. By the time you pass through the Drop Zone and enter the house, you should be hands-free, for the most part, and you will keep your home clutter-free. When you leave the house, everything you need to start your day will be in one spot.

Buyers also want gen-suites and sometimes second master suites. A gen-suite features both a separate exterior entrance and an interior door to and from the main household, containing a bedroom, living area, kitchenette, and a detached one-car garage. The suites are made with guests, elderly parents, or young adults in mind but may also used as a home office or studio.

Other features requested:

  • A guest bathroom or powder room
  • Luxury product for prep kitchens and oversized pantries
  • Outdoor spaces and home pools

Q: What are you seeing in trends for 2021 and beyond for home design and community design?

A: Single family homes and multi-family homes are preferred. We will continue to see requests for flex rooms for the ability to work, learn and exercise. There is a request for better air quality, ecofriendly materials, home security, creative use of LED lighting, and smart home technology. As far as community design, we will see an emphasis on outdoor spaces, dog parks, and walking trails for families to be safe but still leave home for some fresh air.

” Exterior design is essential as I always say it is what pulls you out of the car and into the model home or to want to click on an image online. We see more requests for modern exteriors along with transitional and coastal facades. Clean lines and better proportions are critical with minimalist appearance with less open shelving and more closed storage for clutter-free and clean aesthetic.” – Don Sharp, CEO of Sharp Design Studio.

Sharp Design Studio has put together a mood board to showcase their 2021 design trends. Please feel free to download and share. Are you looking to hire a design expert? Click here and fill out our online form.