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About Sharp Design Studio, LLC

About Our Custom Home Design & Drafting Firm

Sharp Design Studio, LLC (SDS) is an Residential Design and Drafting firm located in Tampa, Florida and Dallas, Texas. Our Design firm has over 30 years experience in residential design. It is our every intention to exceed your highest expectations and we do so by providing you with the best designs, evaluating construction costs and providing the finest quality construction documents - on budget.

Our Philosophy

Sharp Design Studio creates Residential Design in Balance. A collaborative studio, SDS balances the hands-on principal involvement of a smaller practice with the capabilities of a much larger firm while providing a much better value. It's a design process that balances a sophisticated understanding of project demands with sensitivity to the built environment. The result is design that balances contemporary sensibilities with lasting significance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance our culture and environment while providing value to our customers through the art and practice of superior residential design.

Award Winning, Innovative Designs

President and founder Don Sharp has designed hundreds of homes through-out the Country with many of them winning awards for best innovative design features.

In addition to designing custom private residences, we also provide design services for National Developers and Home Builders to small Custom builders all across the Country. We provide great service while providing a great value to all our customers.

Sharp Design Studio, LLC | Tampa, Florida

Residential design firm located in Tampa, Florida and Dallas, Texas. Serving the United States and Canada.